For a healthy back

Equitex is the successful synthesis between top-quality materials, high tech making and horsemanship. Equitex products satisfy the needs of professional riders as well as of leisure riders.

No chance for horse's or rider's back pain
The core of Equitex, its high tech foam (Bultex), acts like a shock absorber. It significantly reduces the strain on the back of horse and rider without compromising the influence of the rider's light aids. The making of the spinal area of Equitex guarantees optimal relief.
Shock absorber with perfect adaptation
The horse's body and musculature is subject to many changes due to work load, training breaks, etc. These slight changes can be easily compensated by Equitex saddle pads so to take away whatever pressure of the horse and to allow the rebuilding of the muscle. Even with a perfectly fitting saddle the shock absorbing making can relief the horse of any pressure. Like an orthopedic mattress the material has the property to adapt perfectly to the horse.
No saddle pressure
The high tech foam (Bultex) compensates imperfections and prevents pressure points, Equitex saddle cloths guarantee a perfect and even weight distribution.

No sore rubbing
The fabric of Equitex remains soft and smooth even under extreme conditions (sweat, cold, heat, rain) thus avoiding sore rubbing.
No heat accumulation under the saddle
The high tech foam together with the top layer fabric are of the most breathable materials on the market. The breathability can easily be checked by blowing through the saddle cloth.
No chance for Fungus and bacteria
The smooth surface of our high quality microfibre fabric and the fact that Equitex consciously does without quilted stitching, avoids dirt accumulation. The quick-drying and antimicrobial material prevents the formation of fungus and bacteria.
Easy care
Equitex saddle cloths are extremely easy to clean. After drying simply clean them with a cloth brush. After frequent use it can be washed in the washing machine at a temperature of 40C.
Thanks to its unique making of inner core and upper fabric, the saddle cloth will stay in perfect shape even after many washings.