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Equitex Saddle Pads

Back protection for your horse

 No Saddle Pressure
Shock absorbing material relieves the horse of pressure.

 5cm Spine Channel Clearance
Guarantees optimal relief for the spine

 Shock Absorption with Perfect Adaptation
Provides even weight distribution and perfectly adapts to any horse.


 Functional Material
Soft fabric guarantees no sore rubbing and no hair breakage.


 Shock Absorbing Tape
Even weight distribution provides comfort for the horse and rider.


 High Tech Foam
Ensures free muscle movement and reduces heat accumulation.

For every rider

Our saddle pads satisfy the need of professional as well as of leisure riders. It enables free muscle movement under the saddle and provides comfort for your horse’s back.


  No hair breakage
No coat rubbing and no hair breakage.


  Shock absorbing
Even weight distribution and reduced pressure on the back of the horse.


  Breathable materials
Heat accumulation prevention ensures comfort.


  Anatomical shape
Adapts to every horse's back and facilitates muscle growth.


  100% guaranteed non-slip
Better saddle fitting. The pad and the saddle will stay in place.


  Easy care
Machine washable at 30° delicate laundry, tumbeling at 600 spins.


Equitex Story

Equitex was born in an upholstery furniture factory by the inspiration of Johannes Spitaler, inventor and company owner of Equitex. The basic idea was quite simple: for the first time focus was laid on the importance of what is put between the saddle and the horse’s back and of how it would influence the horse’s wellbeing.

Equitex saddle pads are entirely produced in the region of Trentino-South Tirol in northern Italy.

Our Ambassadors

Stefano Brecciaroli

Cross country

Why have I decided for Equitex? Because its simplicity comprises everything that I need. Excellent contact and comfort for our horse. Thank you Equitex!

Stefano Brecciaroli

Andrea Giovannini


I chose Equitex because I was always looking for a perfect saddle pad that offers maximum comfort for my horses, is breathable and adapts perfectly to the horse's back.

Andrea Giovannini

Licinio Grossi


I am often asked why I have chosen Equitex for my horses. I am answering you now.. It would be simply wrong to say that I have looked for Equitex, Equitex was found by my horse Lintea Tequila. As I first saddled Lintea Tequila with Equitex, her behavior has changed and she offered to work with me as a Team.

Licinio Grossi

Real Escuela

Classic riding

Since we as the Royal Andalusian Riding School practice the classical art of riding in the form of the Doma Clásica, we still do not want to do without a good saddle pad. Equitex is now part of our daily training, precisely because we also train young horses and the muscles are not yet that consolidated.

Real Escuela

Rebecca Arnold


My name is Rebecca Arnold , I have been a national endurance rider since 1989. Since then I have been participating in worldwide competitions between 40 to 60 km. For the last 2 years Equitex has been part of my regular equipment. The horses love it!

Rebecca Arnold

Sara Morganti


Sara Morganti