About us

Equitex was born in an upholstery furniture factory by the inspiration of Johannes Spitaler, inventor and company owner of Equitex. The basic idea was quite simple: for the first time focus was laid on the importance of what is put between the saddle and the horse?s back and of how it would influence the horse?s wellbeing.

  • In 1991 the first saddle pads were produced and many different materials tested. In the following years the best materials were chosen and a very special making was developed to give Equitex saddle pads their unique stability in fabric and shape.
  • In 1994 Equitex was first presented on the international fair SPOGA in Cologne and at the International horse fair in Verona; at this time there was no equivalent to Equitex, the world of horses just started considering the importance of fitting saddles and especially the repercussions of non-fitting saddles.
  • In 1995 Equitex was registered as trademark and 1997 presented at the international retailer fair BETA in Birmingham. Since then Equitex continually worked on improving its product thus reaching a hard to top quality.

Equitex saddle pads are entirely produced in the region of Trentino-South Tirol in northern Italy.

28 years of experience and of daily contact to our beloved horses have pushed us to choose only the very best materials and makings for our products and thus for the wellbeing of our horses.